How I Felt Like all Seven Dwarfs, Often in ONE Day!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Walt Disney Productions

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Walt Disney Productions

  1. Sleepy– Ben often required assistance throughout the night. I am a NYC public school teacher, and there were days that I could barely keep my eyes open at work, and a classroom is a place where you need to be on your toes. My dad also called many times in the middle of the night if he didn’t feel well, and I would travel about 45 minutes either to his home or to meet him at the Emergency Room. Call me Sleepy!
  1. Dopey– When juggling Ben’s needs, I did not necessarily know what to do or how to help him, and, indeed, I did feel Dopey. The medical jargon was also confusing to me at times. Simple things just seemed out of reach for me because I became so overwhelmed or was just so tired. I broke things, dropped things, locked myself out of the apartment, and a bevy of other Dopey things.
  1. Doc– Ben did have medical care, and so did my dad, but when either of them didn’t feel well, sometimes it was up to me to figure out what might help. Sometimes, what we thought could be symptoms of a big problem would just go away. Sometimes I had to seek more advice or help. This is as close to a Doc as I will ever be!
  1. Happy– There is happiness. Sharing good times, making each other laugh, seeing Ben or my dad enjoy something, successfully meeting a need. Those definitely made me Happy!
  1. Bashful– Asking for help and not even knowing exactly what to ask for is embarrassing. Having to explain to professionals, or even friends, some things I would have preferred not to discuss, or even know about, was definitely cause for me to feel Bashful!
  1. Sneezy– Well, this might not apply to everyone, but I’ve got allergies, even to my cat, whose name, by the way, is Disney!
  1. Grumpy– When you’ve been through all of the above, sometimes in one day, it’s pretty easy to be Grumpy! To anyone who saw that side of me, I do apologize!

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