Grandma- Always With Me

Today, the anniversary of the passing of my Grandma, Dora, rounds out the awful month that February is for me. If you follow my blog, you know that my dad’s birthday was February 15 and day he died was February 13. Ben’s birthday was just two days ago. My cat Disney died on February 7. On Valentine’s Day I marked three years since the passing of my Aunt Eleanor. Since Grandma’s birthday is coming up, and things have been rough with these milestones, I want to respectfully acknowledge this date and my love for my grandmother, but I will wait until March 5, her birthday – at least a happier date – to share more about her.

I grew up in a house with Grandma. I was with her in that house when she succumbed to cancer. We were extremely close, knew the best and worst of each other and loved each other unconditionally.

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Grandma is a part of so many memories, and of much of who I am, and for that I am grateful. Just as Gramma Tala told Moana, “There’s nowhere you go that I won’t be with you,” I know that my Grandma watches over me, proud of my baking and that I have brought others some joy with the recipe that her mom taught her and she taught me. Given my lack of interest in religion, she would be especially touched that I continue the cultural tradition of making humentashen and have even experimented with new flavors. She would be tickled by my newfound skills at cookie decorating, too. We shared a love of fashion and although I have not crocheted any clothing, I know she would love the little critters that I crochet. I believe that mostly, Grandma would be delighted that I always feel her with me when I do these things, and that I often talk about her importance in my life. I cannot deny that it makes me sad that all of the people I loved the most are carried in my heart instead of actually here- February really brings that home- but I still feel fortunate to have known so much love and it’s a comfort to know that they are always with me.

I am thinking of you today, Grandma. You are always in my heart and I love you and miss you.

Grandma and I around 1990