On Passover, Some Thoughts About Faith For Caregivers

I want to wish a Happy Passover to all who celebrate the holiday. Holidays became melancholy when Ben and my dad were ill and I was caregiving. Looming over the days was the thought of whether they would be our last holidays together. I am not someone with deep religious faith, so I always felt a bit out of place on holidays like Passover. When you are a caregiver for someone who cannot participate in festivities, celebrating may seem like too much of a reach, and it may feel downright inappropriate to use the word “celebrate” with its connection to joyful indulgence. But, holidays may serve as an important time for reflection on our faith and indeed, a thoughtful celebration of our memories.

Faith is important, however you define it. I have written about faith and how it has helped me to get through caregiving and grief. Faith is that intangible belief that things will be okay that allows us to have some optimism. Optimism does not necessarily mean the expectation of a happily ever after in the traditional sense. It may mean that we need to look at life day by day, moment by moment, as opposed to the whole scope of a situation, which can be overwhelming. As a caregiver, each moment that you engage in your loving and giving work can be filled with the faith and optimism that you can help your loved one, make them more comfortable, advocate for them. Despite the sadness, I have found this to be a beautiful and somehow sacred bond to be honored and treasured.

Keep the faith!